QUEEN Alopecia by Hailey, Madisen and Pete ASMUS


Queen Alopecia Characters

Story by Hailey and Madisen ASMUS

Written by Pete ASMUS

QUEEN Alopecia- Marie the MONKEYPage 1
Marie the Monkey loved her life.
She played during the day and slept at night.
But then one day something happened to Marie
While singing and dancing right next to the tree
Page 2
Her friends noticed that Marie had lost some hair
But it was just a small patch… So Marie didn’t care
Page 3
The next morning when they woke up and they all gathered for the day
Marie and her friends saw…  that more hair had fallen away
Page 4
When she went outside the kids said some mean things
and it started to make her cry
Page 5

So she packed her bags

and grabbed her friends
Then she said, “see you later….BYE!”
Page 6
She was now on a mission with all her friends, to find a cure for herself
She did not understand what was happening She only knew how she felt
and then of course there is the bigger question  “How would this affect my health?”
Page 7
They came upon a fork in the road
Not sure which path to takeQUEEN Alopecia-Allen the OWL
They were searching for an answer now
Something kinda like fate
Page 8
And then they saw an Owl
Sitting on top of a wall…
Talking to a Lion…
who wasn’t very small
Marie looked up to the owl and said
Dear Owl “I have a question”
“My name is ‘Marie the Monkey’.. and
I don’t like my reflection”
Page 9
“My hair is falling out and we’re from a village called Alopecia, sir.
Everyone started making fun of me… so I’m searching for a cure”
And then the little Owl freaked out and began to jump from side to side
Saying, as he spun his head around, “I’ve waited all 0f my life”

“My name is Allen the Owl and I am a guide of sorts

QUEEN Alopecia-Thomas the LIONThis is Thomas the Lion… and he helps me protect my fort”
“We’re very pleased to meet you, but a little shocked I must say
I have never met a Monkey… who actually looked this way”
Thomas what do you mean?…Don’t you realize who this is?
She has come from Alopecia…This like CAP it’s as BIG as it gets!!
Page 10
“Hold on, don’t move! This!… No One will ever believe
I need to bring everyone up here so they can actually see!”
and then he turned around and yelled,
“A real life princess right in front of me!!”
Page 11
Marie’s friends looked at EACH OTHER in shock As if he had just lost his mind
She was losing her hair and needed a cure and this was a waste of their time
Page 12
As they turned around to find another way
They were all shocked… as the animals say
Page 13
As hundreds of animals gathered around
Just staring at her and looking for her crown
Asking one another where is it? How could it be?
A princess from Alopecia without a crowning ceremony??
QUEEN Alopecia-LaRynn the BEARPage 14
Marie and her friends were confused, what did they mean?
Was she a princess now? Was she in a dream?
Page 15
And suddenly then, as Allen, the Owl appeared
He gathered the animals around, so they could all hear
Page 16
You see Alopecia isn’t just a place you call your home
It’s also what Mother Nature uses as a “placing stone”
Mother Nature knew the world needed a way to tell
Who could lead the animals, and who would ultimately fail?
In a time of need, a king or queen needed to be found
So she created a sign, to tell who should wear the crown
Who could inspire the world… and all of the animals in it?
and knows it’s all about the outcome, effort, and spirit!
Page 17
she created Alopecia, to bear all her leaders
And the ones that would lead, would be amazing magical creatures
To tell all who should lead, because she knew they would care
She created a SPECIAL royalty… the one without any hair
Page 18
Marie and all of her friends were surprised at all the things that were said
“Did he just say I’m royalty because I don’t have hair on my head?!?”
Page 19
All the animals turned to her and began to bow,
They were suddenly in front of a REAL princess now
QUEEN Alopecia-Jasmine the BUTTERFLYPage 20
Just as everything was all sinking in,
Jasmine the Butterfly came Floating in
Marie! Marie!… Please! Please you have to come quick
There’s a storm coming fast and the rain is thick
We are worried that the lake next to our home will overflow
Please, you must come quick. We are afraid… We have to go
Page 21
Marie the monkey looked at the old Owl and said,
“How can I fix all of their problems?”
“I’m only a Monkey with five of my friends,
I have no idea how to solve them”

Page 22
Then Allen stepped close to Marie
And put his wing on her chest
He could feel many things,
and could feel She was the best
“This is incredibly amazing…  you Are the QUEEN with the magical heart!
You’re the QUEEN we’ve been waiting for… the one who is extremely smart”
Page 23
The Owl and the Lion had a smile stretching from ear to ear
“You have THE Magical Ability, to take away their biggest fear
Your Kindness and Understanding come from deep down inside
Then suddenly the MAGIC spreads out,
                                                        and there’s nowhere left to hide
You will help people see…  That they have a TRUE destiny
Teaching them the Mantra “I Bring out the best in me!”
Page 24
You have the POWER TO INSPIRE… The entire world around you
So at the end of the day,
                                The real question is this…
                                                                  “What are you going to do??”
QUEEN Alopecia- Reese the GIRAFFEPage 25
Marie turned around, grabbed her friends and said “I see the clouds”
“Let’s start moving”, she told her friends…so we can save our house
Page 26
As Marie arrived safely back home, all her friends were crying and scared
She told them all to gather around, she had something that she needed to share
“I know when I left last time, you all made fun of my hair
But that’s ok, I’ve come back to help out because I care
I found out Alopecia… isn’t just the name of our home
It’s also the magic way… That Nature’s leaders are shown”
Page 27
We went on a journey, to find a cure or solution
But we’ve now realized, we’re our own resolution
So look my friends, from near and from afar
You must believe in yourself, and who you are
You each have special talents… that we all need
And to save this village… we must all succeed.
Page 28
Not just as individuals, but as a team together
Because Together, Whenever, we can conquer Whatever
You are each so amazing in your own way
So believe in yourself every single day
We need your help right now…It is time to pull us through
So step out and step up… and show the world what you can do
Page 29
The small brave animals scattered away and ran for the lake
Showing the new princess they would do whatever it would take
QUEEN Alopecia- Honey the PUPPY 2Page 30
The birds brought the branches, the hyenas brought the fun
The monkeys threw some mud, and the work was getting done
They were protecting their home… and saving their friends
and Showing that they care… is more important in the end
Page 31
They finally understood what she had meant all along
That when you believe in yourself, it’s impossible to go wrong
Page 32
The beavers built the dam… it took them no time at all
Everything from all of the animals… went into that wall
Page 33
Because when all alone… they were scared by one or by two
But together… there wasn’t anything that they couldn’t do
Page 34
It was right then that they heard Zeek the Zebra from the back
say “why don’t we crown that girl, the one who came up with that?”
Page 35
Marie looked around in surprise, and couldn’t believe her ears
Were they talking about her, because she took away their fears?
Queen Alopecia Book-Conrad the ElephantPage 36
Come one! Come all! As everyone knelt before the queen
Here ye Here ye, A Queen Alopecia as you have never seen!
See this Monkey named Marie, has so much power to make you believe
And when you finally do that, there isn’t anything you can’t achieve
Page 37
Marie the Monkey… was the most powerful queen to date
She moved the hands of time… and actually changed their fate
She cared more about ALL the animals, instead of only one small part
she is now what they call,  The QUEEN with the BIGGEST HEART
Page 38
Which meant she was able to love more, right from the very start
Like her Father, She was able to see the Horse before the CART
She never thought one… was more important than the other
Each were individuals…  like our sister or our brother
Page 40
As QUEEN Alopecia, Marie the Monkey sat upon her Throne
What an Awesome moment she thought… at last she was not alone
She was now a courageous leader, the QUEEN of the Land
She had finally grown up to be, what she had always planned.
“Write your goals” -Her Father always said…
And LOOK what Happened!!  The Crown was on her head
She was now the one who is IN-Charge
Who has the POWER to control her fate
looking forward to her journey now
of INSPIRING the World Awaits…
I hope you come with us and you can finally see
That…  “Everybody IMPACTS even YOU and ME”
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  1. Cindy

    QUEEN Alopecia by Hailey, Madisen and Pete ASMUS

  2. Cindy

    Dear Hailey, Madisen and Pete,
    “QUEEN Alopecia” is such a beautiful story that is full of strength, and the belief in one self’s ability to overcome. I love you story and wish you would have it published. I can see myself sharing it with other children and adults needing help believing. If this is something you would like to do, my cousin is absolutely the best illustrator for your story. I’m sure if I asked her to help get this book out to for others she would do the illustrations for it knowing how much this story can influence those facing difficult times, as well as, helping others to believe in themselves. Just let me know if this is something you would like to do! Blessings to you!

    • Pete ASMUS

      Yes, we are looking to turn it into a coloring book!!

  3. Amy

    I am a teacher at Hailey’s school and love this little lady. She gives the best hugs! I got to hear her story last year when I was a 1st grade teacher, and this year teach second and enjoy educating kids, my own included, about Hailey. I’m sure she has struggled with kids, and her own things, but your little girl amazes and inspires me. Thank you for sharing her with me!

    • Pete ASMUS

      Amy, Thank you so much for your words! She inspires me as well! 🙂

  4. Martin

    Is it true that Hailey has hair back? 🙂

    • Pete ASMUS

      YES! It has been growing back!! You can see our most recent video on my youtube account. Just search pete asmus


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