Pete Asmus is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Award-winning Radio Host and Author.
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Pete Asmus is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Award-winning Radio Host and Author. Pete is Editor/ Publisher of Investor Quarterly™ and owns the Largest Commercial Real Estate Group (2nd largest Real Estate group) on LinkedIn. He also is the founder of Asmus MEDIA Group and finally the Capital Aggregator for The TURNKEY Investor, a boutique private investing service for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Business Professionals.

After personally training with leaders in the industry that you may have seen on TV, like Robert Allen, Pete Solaris and Dave Seymour, his real estate knowledge is extensive; encompassing Mobile Homes, Single Family Homes, Multi-Units and Commercial, but his Passion is Raising Money for projects, getting you to think differently and taking action now!

Working Investors from Australia to Canada and every Time zone in-between, Pete’s been investing, speaking and coaching for years. He’s personally trained 100’s of students for these Industry Experts.  Pete has now built a huge platform for his clients that provides real results not just what “should” happen.  He was focused on the biggest problem in our industry, lack of action due to lack of comfort level, and solved it!


  1. I was named after my Great Uncle who was killed on the Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack in Dec 7th, 1941. His name is on the memorial.
  2. I enlisted in the military at 18 years old and graduated top of my class.
  3. I have 5 children. Two boys and three girls. The boys are the oldest and youngest.
  4. I have directed two full-length plays and created a sketch comedy group when I was in college.
  5. I have wanted to IMPACT people’s lives since I was 19 when I came up with my first quote, “Ignorance is not the knowledge man lacks, It’s the knowledge man lacks to use.” Pete Asmus circa.1991
  6. We named our last Child “Syler” after hearing the name on Hero’s over 8 years ago. We intended to name Hailey that if she would have been a boy.
  7. I ride motorcycles, surf, ski, snowboard, sail, water ski, skydive, and anything that involves going fast with the feel of flying.
  8. My family is my most important asset and support system.
  9. My oldest Son had medulloblastoma (brain cancer) at the age of 5 and was one of two children out of 40 who survived this aggressive cancer.
  10. My oldest daughter has Alopecia ( and we empowered her and we decided to write a book which has turned into a series. ( It was my way to initially find out how she was dealing it and how it was really affecting her.
  11. I met my wife over 10 years ago when we worked together. Ever since then, Shannon has supported me in every decision I have made and has encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities.
  12. I’m 5’11” tall and work out every day to keep down to a lean 170#’s.
  13. I am a firm believer that exercise and being healthy is crucial to success in life.
  14. I choose to do real estate because when my son had cancer I never wanted to have to “leave to go make money” again when my child or wife may need me to be there.
  15. I bring my entire family everywhere I go with me, including speaking events and expos, as much as possible.
  16. I’ve started over 10 companies.
  17. My first company “Good Vibrations” was installing alarms for car dealerships, and I made $500 per alarm.
  18. I wrote two full-length movies in college.
  19. I have always wanted a golden retriever but have never owned one.
  20. I have a half brother and a half sister.
  21. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years.
  22. I want to fly around the world and start 7 non-profit organizations that help foster entrepreneurship around the world.
  23. I love coming up with quotes, because I love creating unique ways to ignite, impact and improve peoples lives through Inspiration from within.
  24. The difference between Motivation and Inspiration is Motivation comes from an outside source and dissipates as time goes on, inspiration comes from within and gains strength as time goes on.
  25. My goal is to speak in front of 50,000 people.
  26. I wrote my goals every day for a year straight and once a week ever since then for the last 3 years.
  27. Being an entrepreneur wasn’t a choice as much as an obsession of how I could live my life my way.
  28. I don’t believe in living half way, I live my life in FTM (Full Tilt Mode).
  29. I take my family to an amusement park or zoo at least twice a month.
  30. Our family has created a charity called “Everyone Can IMPACT”.


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"When I listen to Pete Asmus he pumps me up so much that when it's over I feel like I'm in a full sprint towards a goal and I feel invincible. It's like drinking 15 cups of the strongest espresso you can find and then adding purpose to it."

March 25, 2016