Flipping for a NETWORK – Pete ASMUS’s BAM w- Hailey and Madisen Asmus -Alopecia- Friday

-Introducing Marie the MONKEY-Queen Alopecia FINAL Logo SQUARE

 – QUEEN Alopecia – 
Pete ASMUS’s BAM w- Hailey and Madisen Asmus
-FRIDAY-  2014-08-15

flipping for a network-pete-asmus_go-make-something-happen_video_2014-08-22 Today on Pete ASMUS’s Believe-Action and #dailyMOTIVATION with  Hailey and Madisen Asmus, The girls have a special message for you ABOUT Manifestation, Belief and their new book Queen Alopecia (@QUEENalopecia).  They also go into  their goals, my Goals, What they are doing today and Alopecia.  They also talk about writing your goals and HOW to change your trajectory also why Alopecia’s Awesome and why BALD Girls ROCK!!   Show everyone what matters to you.  Show them what you are aspiring to be.  This is your LIFE live it on YOUR TERMS!   It’s your choice…    Let go and Let’s go, it’s all about writing your goals and taking your life to the NEXT level.   Plain and simple- Plan to succeed or plan to fail!  Its up to you at the end of the day!  It’s time to show the world how amazing you are!  Today is YOUR DAY to catapult yourself into The NEXT level of YOU!   Today is your day to step up and take action… Join Pete ASMUS’s 21 Day CHALLENGE c2creia.com/21daychallenge and kick start your life today!! We have also opened up The #Thinking2Succeed  Project To everyone now… Thinking2succeed.com if you are interested go and sign up now

“When you want the RESULT more than the Excuses you make to prevent them… That’s when Your Dreams will be within Reach!” -Pete ASMUS


Living #GREATFUL365!!
Today I am GRATEFUL for all the positive responses I am getting with the video’s I am making…
Today I am GRATEFUL for my family who strives everyday to build our dreams together
Today I am GRATEFUL my desire to become a better person and drive to create a better world

How #Alopecia Changed our Direction And WHY we do this…Queen Alopecia- Hailey ASMUS quote and picture

This is what you do to “Go Make SOMETHING Happen”, it takes- The Focus to Belief in yourself, ability to take Action by staying in a state of constant Motivation. Take you life to the next level every day with Pete Asmus and his girls Hailey Asmus and Madisen Asmus. When Hailey started to show signs of Alopecia Universalis (Total Hair Loss) Here is a link to explain it better… (http://whatsALOPECIA.com) Pete realized that this would IMPACT and Change Hailey’s life. “We Also realized we had the ability to change what it meant and how it Impacted and Effected her life… We choose to create an environment that embraced her difference and empowered her to help others,” Pete said. Se we started doing videos that put her in the front of the camera not behind the crowd… Teach her not to be afraid or run away from it, but to embrace it and show everyone how amazing she is… So Please don’t feel sorry for her as she doesn’t. Our Family is committed to helping you reach your next level, by bringing you videos each and every day to refocus you! Have a Fantastic Day and #gomakeSOMETHINGhappen!


Pete ASMUS-Goals-2014-08-22



Hailey ASMUS-Goals-2014-08-22

Madisen ASMUS-GOALS-2014-08-22

Time limit

We only have so much time on earth, with strategies, and with opportunities and then they fade away.  So make sure you take the opportunity of a life time, during the life time of the opportunity!  So Take ACTION and have a Great day! If you visualize what you want, focus on what you want, and Create environments that Fuel the FIRE you will be UNSTOPPABLE. Plan your goals to set up your week, through Believing in Action through Motivation!! If you aren’t planing to succeed what are you planing to do?


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