Pete Started Flipping Mobile Homes in Vegas over 11 years ago, has done hundreds of deals, and has been involved in thousands of real estate deals across the country.


Pete has spoken in front of thousands over the 10+ years as a professional Speaker, Motivator and Coach. Topics were in both the Real Estate Investing and Motivation spaces.


Pete takes action so he started writing eBooks that where short enough for people to read all the way through but filled with Actionable Information that would change their life when they apply it.


Pete’s an EXPERT in building solid passive investment vehicles that are easy to understand; designed for Executives, Investors and Entrepreneurs to leverage off and get phenomenal results.

Joint Venture Partner

Once Pete created the life he wanted, he felt it was his mission to help others achieve their dreams and goals by taking action and becoming an investor and entrepreneur.

Private Money Lender

Pete has created a platform that finds and funds the right type of real estate opportunities in California, Texas and Kansas City Mo.


Personally: a Christian, Family Man, Husband of an amazing wife and Father of incredible children. Professionally: a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Author and Award winning Radio Host. In addition, Pete is the Editor of Investor Quarterly™ and owner of the Largest Commercial Real Estate Group (2nd largest Real Estate group) on LinkedIn, and the Capital Aggregator for The TURNKEY Investor- “the premier boutique private investing service for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Professionals around the world.” Working with Investors from Australia to Canada, Pete’s been investing, speaking and coaching for over 10+ years and has personally trained 1000’s of students over that time from one on one to groups to 2-3000 person audiences.

Let me show you how I can IMPACT your future and/or CATAPULT your Next Event as your Keynote speaker!

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"When I listen to Pete Asmus he pumps me up so much that when it's over I feel like I'm in a full sprint towards a goal and I feel invincible. It's like drinking 15 cups of the strongest espresso you can find and then adding purpose to it."